By choosing one of the subscription plans below, you'll get direct access to the Stackflows platform. Take a look at the feature differences between each plan. If you need help, feel free to contact our sales team.

Pricing for user tasks

By subscribing to Stackflows you will be assigned to user task tiers as well. You are able to create and resolve 500 user tasks per month for FREE.

User tasks per month


Maximum in total

under 500
under 1.000
€‎0.20 / task
€‎200 / month
under 2.000
€‎0.15 / task
€‎300 / month
under 5.000
€‎0.10 / task
€‎500 / month
under 10.000
€‎0.08 / task
€‎800 / month
under 20.000
€‎0.07 / task
€‎1400 / month
under 50.000
€‎0.06 / task
€‎3000 / month
under 100.000
€‎0.05 / task
€‎5000 / month

If you have custom needs, please do not hesitate to discuss individual needs by contacting contact our sales team

Most frequent questions

What are the users tasks?

A user task is a single task created and dedicated to any person or business unit. User tasks are created automatically by operating process models, which include user task creation on some particular process step. User tasks don’t include service tasks and API calls.

How user task counts?

Each customer has own billing cycle. It’s usually from the 1st day of the month to the end of the month. We count actual user tasks that were created between the billing cycle and capture the final amount at the end of the month. For example, you created 5687 user tasks the previous month, so compare to our pricing below, one user task costs €‎0.08, and in total for all user tasks per previous month you pay €454,96 + fixed subscription (platform) fee.

Do I need to pay upfront of at the end of the month?

It depends on individual agreement. Usually, you pay upfront for the platform fee and pay according to the issued invoice for user tasks.

How can I cancel the subscription?

Subscriptions can be stopped at any time instantly. By stopping a subscription you have to bear in mind that you won’t have the access to the platform and all new processes won’t be executed. All running processes still be operated and completed. If you would like to keep access to your process models, we advise downgrading to a Starter plan which includes process design features only.

What additional costs I might have?

For starters and small teams, we provide opportunity to start and try our platform and our own cloud process engine. High-performing growing teams and organizations are required to have their own process engine or ask for our help to get your dedicated instance with your personal process engine which is supported by one of our partners.

For Camunda hosting we recommend one of our partners Host1Click, we support full integration with this partner, which can be made with several clicks on our platform.

Additional costs might be applied if you require custom integrations or features. Also, we are able to provide a service of process engineering and analytics. Please contact us [email protected]