Platform for smart personal automations and complex business processes

Stackflows process automation
Free for No-Code BPMN process design
Stackflows process automation
Go with cloud or on-premise
Stackflows process automation
All-in-one platform to build, automate & analyse processes
Integrations with workflow engines
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integrations with apps and SaaS
integrations with AI tools
automated operations
Stackflows chrome extenstion
stackflows google chrome extension for automated workflows

Chrome extension for legacy systems

Our extension works as a bridge between older, legacy software systems and Stackflows process automation engine. It allows employees to execute automated processes and actions directly from a browser without any deep and hardcode integrations to your legacy software.

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For operational, sales, marketing, finance and accounting teams
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Individual actions for each organisation
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Empower your old system to operate as new

Start in minutes, launch in a days

While every use case and requirement may vary, it is possible to initiate the first process within a few hours. We encourage you to give it a try without hesitation!


Registration and setup

The first step is a setup of organisational environment which usually takes no more than a several hours



The second step to build a process which ensures valuable and measurable outcome to the organisation



Launching the first process is crucial to evaluate its value and effectiveness, and to achieve the desired results

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