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Why do companies choose us?

Increased work efficiency

Stackflows can help streamline processes and reduce the time and effort required to complete tasks. This will free up time for employees to focus on more high-value work and helps the company operate more efficiently.

Improved work accuracy

User work automation can help reduce the risk of errors in tasks that are prone to mistakes, such as data entry. This can improve the accuracy and reliability of the company’s operations, as well as its reputation.

Savings on costs

Central user work automation will help to reduce the need for human labor, which can lead to significant cost savings for the company. This will be especially beneficial for tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming.

Scalable operations

Stackflows will help quickly scale up company operations to meet changing demand, without having to hire or lay off large numbers of employees. This will help the company be more agile and responsive to market conditions.

Business and IT collaboration can perform better

Boost a communication and delivery between Operational and IT teams. Keep business logic and software development separately.


For COOs and Process managers

Our platform will help you achieve personal and organizational KPIs in operations and information management. We are ready to hear your expectations – we have a Startup Mindset, so we are flexible for individual needs. Create and develop organizational process models easily, transfer them from other systems, and export them if necessary.


For CIOs, CTOs & Development department

We call our system Integrated Business Environment so it can significantly help the IT department orchestrate all available organizational systems, separating business logic from function and integration. Please take advantage of our open APIs to integrate sophisticated cloud systems and old legacy systems that cost you a lot of effort and costs to develop.

Key features

StackFlows is a very complex and flexible business solution - we want to highlight the most important and valuable features that our platform provides

Human work

The app for cross-department user work automation

Managing employee tasks and improving cross-department communication is one of the most important tools for increasing work efficiency.

Every project and situation is different, so they cannot have the same structure and solution. Our mission is to create a task managing environment where each task would operate like Wizzard with specific actions and results.

Tasks that are complex, infrequently performed, or unfamiliar may be easier to perform using our task management app, which can be integrated into any platform. Furthermore, it can also be used as a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Organize & Dedicate

Organization structure & team roles managament

A common organization has only an imaginary structure with an intertwined hierarchy and responsibilities. Even if the hierarchy is flat, the division of responsibilities and functions exists.

One of the most important goals is to connect the organizational structure and the business process model. This allows to delegate cross-department human work and communication and automatically generate functional roles and responsibilities that serve as onboarding and training for new employees joining the organization.

We plan to support integrations with the most popular organization management systems like Office 365, Google Workspace, etc.

Analyze & Optimize

Real-time processes & Heatmaps

Real-time processing is the method where data is processed almost immediately. This provides particular benefits in monitoring employee work, logistics chains, production statuses, etc.

In terms of data, one of the main benefits of our platform is that we provide process activity data in real-time. You can check any process model in your organization and monitor status, active parts, weaknesses, and strengths.

Historical process activity data provides heatmaps that identify the most inefficient areas of business processes. So it’s not unreal or speculated numbers but the actual data showing the bottle-necks process.

Build & Integrate

No-Code process builder for non-technical employees

We all know that no-code and low-code principles are mostly used for new apps or software. Also, it helps business departments to create various workflows and manage processes without programming or technical skills.

Usually, low-code development platforms are aimed at developers and require technical knowledge. No-code platforms, on the other hand, target business users. The problem is that not every business user can understand low-code principles and adapt them to their work.

Our platform aims to become a fully no-code development tool that will help any employee automate business processes and workflows without programming skills or technical knowledge.

Values & Benefits

Now is the opportunity for developers and others who want to join Stackflows and grow together with the team!

Gain real-time end-to-end organization processes visibility

Business process visibility gives a chance to accurately and completely view the historical data, processes, transactions, bottlenecks and other activities operating within an enterprise in real-time.

Leverage organization knowledge with BPMN modeling

You have a lot of know-how in your organization, so take advantage of BPMN modelling on our platform and make sure everyone understands the processes correctly and in the same way.

Facilitate cross-department collaboration

Communicating with each other and ensuring mutual respect in the workplace gives incredible efficiency results. Cross-department collaboration is the part that can be improved indefinitely.

Connect processes with apps & integrations

Our No-Code platform allows you to assign a process to an application that can perform a specific action. This allows you to integrate your existing infrastructure and manage it with the help of process models.

Reduce software development cycle and costs

If business processes were designed in business teams, the need to have experienced and expensive engineers would be greatly reduced. We will help you reduce costs and ensure process implementation will take much faster.

Improve work efficiency & reduce human errors

There are so many processes that it is simply impossible for a person to control them physically by hand. Robots make no mistakes, so that any human errors can be eliminated through automated processes.

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